Quantum USB Sound Card


Brand: QHMPL
Model: QHM623
Channel: Integrated 2 channel
Type: USB Audio Controller
Connectivity: Real USB Plug & Play
Functions: Drives 2Ch speakers Directly & supports 3D positional sound and virtual 5.1 Ch sound track
Connections: Uses USB port for power, no external power needed
Class: Digital Class-B Power Amplifier inside

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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Quantum brings to you a portable sound card for your laptop or desktop. With this USB sound card you can listen to your favourite songs and also enjoy your movies. If your old sound card driver is no longer available on the internet or it has stopped functioning, this is the right product for you. This product does not require any installation and thus saves you the trouble of finding the driver and making sure that it is compatible with your system. The USB sound card from Quantum is a portable device that does not require a power source or charging, unlike most other external sound-cards. This is a plug and play device which is USB powered so you do not have to worry about battery replacement either. It is a very small device which makes it convenient as well. You can carry this sound card with you wherever you go. There is a digital class B power amplifier inside this small product that enhances the sound quality of any device to which it is connected. Like other sound cards, this small but effective sound card has one port for the speakers and one for the mic. It also supports 3D positional sound. The virtual 5.1 channel soundtrack allows you to connect a 5.1 speaker system and enjoy the experience of a live concert or a movie theater. The mic input of this sound card allows you to connect your headset to it and video chat with your friends and family. So if you are looking for a state-of-the-art sound card, shop online for the Quantum USB sound card today.


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