Terms and Conditions

  1. All the products received under 'OPEN' from third parties (not covered under warranty or SLA) will be charged as per the Estimate duly authorised by the customer.
  2. If the system unit is shipped for repairs, the customer will be responsible for any damages during the transit till the delivery accepted and confirmed by the INFOVISION MEDIA.
  3. Any software pre-installed by the Manufacturer of the Customer into the product prior to the receipt by INFOVISION MEDIA may be corrupted or lost during the repairs even though every care will be taken by INFOVISION MEDIA to restore the same. To prevent the loss of data or content. Customer is strongly advised to take the backup of the by accepting the challan the customer acknowledge the INFOVISION MEDIA will not be responsible if the software program, data or information stored or any media such as hard disk is /are altered or deleted or corrupted.

  1. Customer should check up over the status before collections of system unit.
  2. Product not collected of the same may take several weeks. In any case product not collected within 1 month will be disposed off the realize the repair cost together with interest as the case may be.
  3. Payment as per the Final invoice to be made by pay order at the time of taking delivery.
  4. Though almost care is taken while repairing the machine but by chance if some other fault is developed or any other part get damaged, it expenses to the borne by the customer.
  5. Free Labour Service will be provided if the Sysmptoms Develops the same symtoms pertaining to the existing repairs within 30 days of last paid service.
  6. Service charges will not be reimbursed
  7. Subject to Delhi jurisdiction only.
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