Onsite computer repair, support and maintenance

Normal desktop computers are easier and cheaper to fix comparing to laptops because replacement parts are widely available, more standardized and cheaper. Thus, it is always worth fixing your computers rather than buying a new one and going through hassles of setting it up again.

At INFOVISION MEDIA many of our computers are using Pentium 4 processors (discontinued series) but they are sure faster than many Core 2 Duo and Core i Series computers in current market.

Our onsite computer repairs services include:
  • Virus removal, spyware removal
  • Blue screen of death errors
  • Windows cannot boot up
  • Computer does not turn on
  • Computer slow, unstable, crashes
  • Noisy, dusty, overheating issues
  • Parts replacement
  • Data recovery
  • and many more...
We do computer repair for all generic desktops and all major brands:
We have successfully repaired a number of computer models.
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About Infovision Media

INFOVISION MEDIA - Low cost and Best Laptop and Desktop Repair Service in Delhi/NCR.