Anniversary Quotes

We began as strangers.
We became friends.
We became one with each other...
We remain as one forever.

Happy Wedding Anniversary
To The One I Love!


After (10 ) years
in this sacred institution of marriage,
I can safely say: there's no one with whom
I would rather be institutionalized!


Our love is like a tree that grows
Still stronger through the years
Nourished by our laughter
And sometimes by our tears.

It shelters and protects us
From a dark or sunny sky
And like a tree - it's beauty grows
As each day passes by.

Anniversary Love Poems, Verses Quotes

Thank you for your tender love
You'll never really know
How happy that you've made me
And how much I love you so

Happy Anniversary, my Sweet


Knowing you'll be in all my tomorrows,
makes my today so wonderful!


Because in everything I do
You always have a part,
Because a loving thought of you
Is always in my heart,
Because each little wish of mine
You've tried to make come true --
On this, our day, I want to say
How dearly I love you.


I really want to tell you
Just how precious you are to me,
My every thought of you
Is as loving as can be

My heart is totally filled with things
That words alone can't say,
This comes especially for you
With all my love today.

Anniversary Love Poems, Verses Quotes

I know I've told you many times
How much I love you, Dear,
And how it seems to me
You grow still sweeter every year,
But since this is our special day,
I'm saying it once more
With an even deeper meaning
Than it's ever had before.


My love for you is like a circle, it has no end


What's the earth with all its art, verse, music worth -
Compared with love, found, gained, and kept?
(Robert Browning)

If I can hold a flower
And watch its petals fade,
If I can touch the well worn earth
On which my children played,
If I can hold one moment
Of the times you've made me smile,
Then I can take the bad times,
For you've made them all worthwhile.

Happy Anniversary, My Darling

Robert Sexton

Anniversary Love Poems Verses Quotes

I love you for your thoughtfulness
Your understanding way
And for the countless little things
You do for me each day
I love you for the hopes and dreams
You've helped to make come true
But most of all I love you,
Just for being you

Happy Wedding Anniversary
Happiness Always

Wedding Anniversary Love Poems, verses to the one you love

You know I love you
And you must know too
That my happiest moments
Are those spent with you
For when we're together
Or when we're apart
You're first in my thoughts
And first in my heart.


What would I do without you?
I need you more and more each day,
And this card is to tell you
Why I'll always feel this way,

For it's not the things you say,
Or the thoughtful things you do
It's cos I need you and I love you
Quite simply cos you're you!

Anniversary Love Poems Verses Quotes

Happy Anniversary to the one
I'll always want, even when I'm
too old to remember what I'm
supposed to want you for.


True love is spending one day
getting married... And the rest
of your life feeling glad you did.

Happy Wedding Anniversary With All
My Love.


My Husband, (Wife)
You are my partner,
my sweetheart, my
confidante and advisor,
my comforter and friend...
You are my quiet place
away from the rest
of the world

Happy Wedding Anniversary

I know I'm sometimes thoughtless
And forget to say and do
The many little things I should
To show my love for you
But since our anniversary's here,
I got (made) this card just to say,
That always, deep within my heart
I love you more and more each day!


Today I vow to love you
Each day of my life,
As though each morning were the first
On becoming man and wife.

Just as a meadow washed by rain
Is relit by the dawn,
So our love, as we grow old,
Will each day be reborn.

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