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Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and special days in your life, which is why nearly everyone video tapes the occasion. Some, however, are unable to fit a professional videographer into their budget and simply rely on a friend or family member with a home video camera. This saves a great deal of money and the wedding is on tape, however it's probably not the treasured keepsake you wished it were. If any of this is sounding familiar, not to worry, we can help.

What we do:
Your "home made" wedding video is simply a diamond in the rough, in need of some polishing. We will edit your video minute by minute, trimming out everything undesirable and focusing on the key moments of your wedding day. Transitions between scenes are added, as well as elegant titles and any musical selections you would like included. Image stabilization and color correction, when needed, are also applied to help improve the quality of your video.

Wedding video montage:
All wedding video editing projects include our signature wedding montage, a three to six minute video piece focusing on the key moments of your wedding. The clips are slowed down for an elegant, dramatic effect and put to music. A sample montage is available on our wedding video editing samples page.

Wedding photo montage:
Whether you hired a professional photographer or had friends and family take pictures, why not put them to music in the form of a photo montage (slide show)? Simply arrange them in order and choose the perfect songs, we'll take care of the rest. Our wedding photo slide show is available on DVD and makes a wonderful stand alone keepsake or the perfect addition to your wedding video editing project. Learn more about our photo slide shows.

Through the years video:
If you are planning your wedding, you have undoubtedly considered showing a "through the years" video retrospective of you and your spouse at either the rehearsal dinner or reception. It is always a wonderful addition to the festivities. We will create a heartwarming trip down memory lane which you and your spouse will enjoy watching for many years to come.

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